Tim Codling first started making Gymnastics Beams over 25 years ago when his young niece started participating in gymnastics and requested a beam for Christmas. The first prototype was then born and has since been greatly modified to the current popular designs.

The current beams are professionally upholstered and designed and tested by our own professionally trained carpenter. Working alongside a number of gymnastics clubs the beams are in regular use and constant feedback enables new designs, sizes and colours. During the past five years well over 1000 beams have been sold across the country and many of our beams are now regular training aids in Gymnastics Facilities. Last year alone we sold over 400 beams and less than 1% were returned or replaced.

Over the past 10 years we have built up relationships with gymnastics clubs throughout the country and have donated percentages of private sales to the clubs funds.


The beams are four inches wide, which is the same width as full size beams, and are made from laminated wood (why we laminate the wood) guaranteed not to warp or twist, covered in fire resistant foam and professionally upholstered by Thorngate Upholstery. The material used is fire resistant faux suede.

Staples have not been used on the top sides or ends of the beams, only on the underside. Our unique design uses a fold at the end of the beam that is sown and makes the seam extremely strong. The legs are professionally made from steel tubing, covered in a white powder coating enabling in a smooth edge and extremely durable finish. This beam exemplifies quality, made to the highest standards using only top quality materials.


All prices now include postage to UK main land, if you live in a different area please contact us for a price.